Wales Action Plan for Pollinators

Pollinators are an essential component of the Welsh environment. Honeybees and wild pollinators including bumblebees, solitary bees, parasitic wasps, hoverflies, butterflies and moths and some beetles are important pollinators across a wide range of crops and wild flowers and help improve the productivity of pasture systems for livestock grazing.The value of pollination as a contribution to the UK crop market in 2007 was £430 million and the annual cost of hand pollination, were we to lose this valuable service, has been estimated at £1.8 billion in the UK. The value of honey produced in Wales is also considerable with a wholesale value in excess of £2 million in 2011. Declining bee and pollinator health populations have been increasingly highlighted as a cause for concern in the UK. Research indicates that honeybees showed a 23% decline in Wales between 1985 and 2005. Butterflies, hoverflies and many species of moth are also declining across Wales. Wild flower meadows and other semi-natural habitats that support pollinators have also decreased in area.

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Dear Beekeeping Friends across the World,

We share a common interest, our love and care for honey bees. We are all aware of bees’ and other pollinators’ critical role for agriculture and food production, and we are all committed to protecting these highly important creatures of the food chain. However, as we all know, they are in great peril and populations are dwindling worldwide. Environmental campaigners, farmers, beekeepers and politicians have long been aware of this issue. Various campaigns for the honey bees have been implemented bringing global attention to the problems of apiculture.

We in Apimondia want to take the lead and go one step further. To this end we have undertaken the first global initiative that we hope will help STOP bee decline.

The time has come that we all take immediate action and stand up for the bees; begin our newest and biggest global campaign calling people, institutions and organizations to join us.

Our global online campaign “Bee The Campaign” supported by a dedicated site and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ ) aims at raising awareness, educating and engaging with people who share a common purpose; to cherish our bees.

On ‘Bee The Campaign’ you may find everything you need to know about the bees from the current problematic situation to what each one of us can do to tackle this issue. Also, you can actively participate in the campaign yourself by spreading the news to everyone around you or donating to the campaign.

We invite you, the heart of our organization, to embrace our effort and add your voice to thousands of people around the world who want to protect the bees. Each one of you can make a difference and together we can make a BIG difference. So, join our cause and become an active part of BeeTheCampaign with every way you can!


So, be active. Bee The Campaign.


Philip McCabe

Apimondia President



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