Swansea & District

WBKA is a support organisation for Welsh Beekeepers.

Please contact our Association Secretary Julian for all enquiries concerning beekeeping, for this Association.

Association Secretary, Martin Davies Email : sdbks.secretary@gmail.com

Our Spray Liaison Officer : Please contact the Association Secretary.

To view our Website, click http://www.swanseabeekeepers.org.uk/

Swarm control course which takes place in Swansea

Sat, 29 Feb 2020 – Sun, 1 Mar 2020,

We will explore why honeybees swarm, and how beekeepers can detect, manage and control this swarming. We will compare and practice all of the main swarm control methods – Pagden, Demaree, vertical split, shook swarm, nuc making, etc. We aim to give students a deeper understanding of the honeybeee behaviour behind swarming, and a good awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of each of the commonly encountered swarm control and prevention methods. The course is classroom-based and does not use live colonies – however this allows us to step through various methods, pausing, repeating, or undoing specific manipulations without concerns of distress to colonies, concentrating on the principles and method in question.


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