Website up-dates

Date  Updates
24/06/2018 wbka Contact Page, updated Trustees & Officers and Current Vacancies Page.
23/06/2018 Learning what is available, Renamed to Rescources.Linked in Basic and High Assesment pages. added study skills & reading list pages;  linked to both assesments. Pages are under construction. Updated L&D navigation.
15/06/2018 Camarthen Association page updated: Added new Learning Available page: Adjustment to website navigation. pages added to membership help pages.
10/06/2018 Council meeting details added to membership area
03/06/2018 WBKA Document Library updated contents (work in progress). WBKA Video Library renamed to Online Video Resource: Basic Assessment renamed Basic and Higher Assessment: Conwy Member Association Page updated: 75th Anniversary Workshop page updated. BBKA Module  links added to Basic & Higher Assesments page.
02/06/2018 Learn & Development pages renamed to Learning for website navigation. Bottom adverts removed from footer. Exam Assesments page renamed Basic Assessment: updated Pdf Basic entry formed linked to page:  Academic Bee Studies renamed Recent Research: Bee Base; BIBBA and National Diploma in Beekeeping direct links from Learning submenu.
01/06/2018 Welsh Beekeeper magazine Summer Issue – added
27/05/2018 Front page updated english and welsh site welcome
16/05/2018 updated front page removed out of date events Auction & NBU short course.
15/05/2018 Updated Policy Documents & Constitution
07/05/2018 added page Mae gwenyna’n hwyl, adjusted contact page to identify trustees and officers
06/05/2018 Bee Health Days 2018 added to front page
02/05/2018 Beekeeping Events in Wales 2018 updated
30/04/2018 BDI Insurance and How to Join the WBKA updated. LInk to Historical wbka Website updated. Membership hel pages links removed/updated. Membership pw updated.
28/04/2018 Added Haevesting Honey Booklet to Document Library
27/04/2018 Removed WBKA convention related pages. Updated Document Library page adding some welsh language links
16/04/2018 Asian hornet sighting FP and on AS news
18/03/2018 Added Beekeeping holding page; rearranged front page main menu.
15/03/2018 Updated Welsh Beekeeping page with iframe to present latest issue.Updated Local Training Courses in Wales
8th-9th/03/2018 Spring isseue 1999 active links inserted to online copy. Site navigation menu to main topic menus and sub menus.
06/03/2018 Updated Module & Higher Practical Assessment Entry Form to Exam and assessment page. Linked in Online Leaning page to the Learn menu.
05/03/2018 Added NBD Swansea event to front page. Added WBKA Convention Programme 24th March 2018.
04/03/2018 Updated page layout on the WBKA Leaflet Library page; Updated News Feed page, updated missing links inclusive of adding two additional news feeds from Scientific Beekeeping and Farming uk; Bees and Beekeeping.
01/03/2018 Added news item from Daily Mail, Uploaded  and linked in the Spring 2018 Issue of the Welsh Beekeeper. Released micro-website pages detailing the WBKA 75th Anniversary.
26/02/2018 Updated WBK magazine back issues – links to online reading on issues from 2015 to 2017
22/02/2018 Privacy Policy, published and footer navigation added. Front Page content updated. Wesite update published
21/02/2018 Cookie Policy published with website user consent popup to comply with EU and UK regulations.
20/02/2018 Up date pages,Latest News Drop down menu. Conventions – Member Association Events – Member Association Beginner Courses.  Online Library: Bee for Development fact sheet added. Online Video Library: National Honey Show added.
18/02/2018 – Theme change. Categories and recent post introduced
16/02/2018 C.Wynne Jones advert added and website footer created.
14-16/02/2018 Pre release 75th Anniversary website.
14/02/2018 Membership page edited and independent members link updated.
11/02/2018 Academic Bee Studies updated  Lithium chloride effectively kills the honey bee parasite Varroa destructor by a systemic mode of action  introduced.
08-10/02/2018 New Theme
07/02/2018 Back ups