We would appreciate it if you would send the details of these webinar to as many beekeepers as possible.

Varroa control ~ 6th August 2020

Lynfa Davies NDB will present this important topic on Varroa Contol. We will start with a short, general Q&A session. The into the main presentation if you have a particular issue submit your question in advance to l&d@wbka.com

Ways to improve your beekeeping knowledge and skills ~ 23rd July 2020

This webinar is aimed at beekeepers in Wales who would like information on ways to help improve their knowledge and skills so as to build confidence and capability in their practical beekeeping. 

Swarming Webinar ~ 9th June 2020

Wally Shaw, presentation on the topical subject of swarming and the questions raised are available in the pdf document.

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