Training Courses in Wales 2019

WBKA is a support organisation for Welsh Beekeepers.

Please note that the WBKA does not endorse or recommend any particular Course.

Member Associations 2019 Beekeeping Training Courses

Teifiside Beekeepers’ Association 21st, 28th February and 7th, 14th March. Beginners Course – theory session
Montgomeryshire BeeKeepers 3rd March Beginners 1 training course
Montgomeryshire BeeKeepers 17th March Beginners 2 training course
Teifiside Beekeepers’ Association Saturdays late March to April Beginners Course – four apiary sessions held at our TBKA apiary
Chepstow (BIBBA)
24th March Sustainable Bees & Queens
CHEPSTOW The Drill Hall
 Special Interest Association National Botanical Gardens Wales 24th April  Beekeeping Taster
NDB Short course – Seasonal Management 12th & 13th October Winter preparations as part of the natural seasonal cycle of beekeeping activity.

Bees for Development

Sustainable Beekeeping and Strengthening Livelihoods : For day and weekend Courses please follow this link 

Last Updated 31/05/2019