Previous Webinars

Here are links to the recordings of our past webinars:

Recycling Wax & Frames  – 8 October 2020

Jenny & Wally Shaw share their methods of recycling old frames and wax

Additional Q&A 8 October 2020


Asian Hornet – the story so far  – 10 September 2020

Frank Gellatly, RBI Wales with the latest Asian Hornet updates and information

Preparing Bees for the Winter   – 27 August 2020

Following on from the varroa control webinar, Wally Shaw presents on getting colonies ready for winter

Additional Q&A Preparing bees for winter

Varroa control ~ 6th August 2020

Lynfa Davies NDB on the important topic of Varroa Contol.

Ways to improve your beekeeping knowledge and skills ~ 23rd July 2020

Including a look at the system of exams and assessments for beekeepers.

Swarming Webinar ~ 9th June 2020

Wally Shaw on swarming and swarm control.