Beekeeping Events in Wales 2018

WBKA is a support organisation for Welsh Beekeepers.

Member Association Events Listing for 2018

Teifiside BKA 1st Mach to April Introduction to Beekeeping Course.
Anglesey BKA 7th March Wally Shaw – Update on Varroa and the viruses it can transmit
South Clwyd BKA 12th March Lynfa Davies – “The role of drones” 
Flint and District BKA 17th March Kipper Davies, "This andThat, Tales from a Seasoned Beekeeper" 
Merioneth BKA 22nd March Clive Faulkner – 'Bumblebees and other pollinators'
Conwy Beekeepers’  27th March Carol Allen, Goats, beeswax and soap
Anglesey BKA 4th April  Speaker to be announced later
Lamperter and District BKA 7th March A one day introduction to beekeeping.
South Clwyd BKA 9th April  “Anaphylaxis & bee stings” Speaker Dr Stephen Kelly
Flint and District BKA 21st April Steve Bromwich, "Things to do with wax"
Lamperter and District BKA 22nd April Beginners' Course – 1st Class: Life in the Beehive 
Lamperter and District BKA 29th April Beginners' Course – 2nd Class: Getting Down to Basics 
Anglesey BKA 2nd May  Wax Recovery a practical workshop
Teifiside BKA 12th May Teifiside BKA Auction 
Lamperter and District BKA 13th May Beginners' Course – 3rd Class: The Beekeeper's Year 
South Clwyd BKA 14th May “Preparing for a honey show – how to win prizes” Speaker John Goodwin
Flint and District BKA 19th May Joyce Nesbit, "Cut Comb, Sections and Chunk Honey" – Workshop
Lamperter and District BKA 20th May Beginners' Course – 4th Class: Swarming 
Teifiside BKA 27-28th May Ceredigion Garden & Craft Festival, Alban Square, Aberaeron. Free Entry TBKA will have a stand at the Festival on both days
Lamperter and District BKA 3rd June Beginners' Course – 5th Class: Things That Can Go Wrong 
South Clwyd BKA 11th June “The hive as a processing centre” Speaker Pete Sutcliffe
Flint and District BKA 16th Jube Caroline Mullinex, "The Beekeeping Education
South Clwyd BKA 30th June  Bee disease drop in workshop run by the NBU Regional Bee Inspector
South Clwyd BKA 9th July Beekeepers Question time
Flint and District BKA 15th July Apiary Visit, to Roger and Chris, Tremeirchion (bring a chair)
Flint and District BKA    
  22nd August Tywyn – Merioneth County Show
South Clwyd BKA 10th September “Beehives and Humidity – the Inside Story” Speaker Alan Jenyon
Flint and District BKA 15th September   Celia Davis, “Anatomy of the Bee” 
Anglesey BKA 3rd October   Claire Holmes, Snowdonia Society, Film and Talk , More than Honey
Teifiside BKA 6th October TBKA Annual Honey Show
South Clwyd BKA 8th October  “Bees in Business” Speaker Katie Hayward
Flint and District BKA 20th October Black Jar Honey Show
Meirionnydd BKA 22nd October  Talk to be arranged


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