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Diseases and Pests of the Honey Bee Clefydau a Phlâu y Wenyen Fêl



Feeding Bees (Wally Shaw) NEW! Bwydo Gwenyn (gan Wally Shaw) NEWYDD
An Apiary Guide to Swarm Control:

2nd edition (Wally Shaw)  NEW!

Canllaw’r Wenynfa i Reoli Heidiau 2il argraffiad (gan Wally Shaw) NEWYDD
Simple Methods of Making Increase:

2nd edition (Wally Shaw) NEW!

Dulliau syml o gynyddu 2il argraffiad (gan Wally Shaw) NEWYDD
Comb Management (Wally Shaw) Rheoli Crwybrau (gan Wally Shaw)
Harvesting Honey  (Wally Shaw) Cynaefu Mêl (gan Wally Shaw)
Swarm Control: An Apiary Guide (Wally Shaw) Canllaw’r Wenynfa I Reoli Heidiau (gan Wally Shaw)
Comb Managment (WBKA/WAG) Rheoli Crwybrau
Feeding Bees (WAG) Bwydo Gwenyn
Dealing With A Colony That’s ReQueening(Wally Shaw)
There Are Queen Cells In My Hive (Wally Shaw) Mae celloedd brehines yn fy nghwch gwenyn – beth dylwn I ei wneud?(gan Wally Shaw)
Simple Methods of Making Increase (Wally Shaw) Dulliau Syml o Gynyddu  (gan Wally Shaw)



Heather Honey: Beekeeping With Altitude (Peter McFadden) Mêl grug, mêl y mynydd  (Peter McFadden)
How To Win Prizes At Honey Shows (Peter McFadden) Sut mae ennill gwobrau yn y Sioe Fêl (Peter McFadden)
Preparing bees for winter (Peter McFadden) Paratoi’r gwenyn at y gaeaf  (Peter McFadden)
Design & Construction Of Open Mesh Floors  (Wally Shaw)  Dylunio ac Adeiladu Lloriau Rhwyllau Agored (gan Wally Shaw)
Advantages Of Open Mesh Floors (Wally Shaw) Manteision Defnyddio Lloriau Rhwyllau Agored (LlRhA) (gan Wally Shaw)
The Many Uses Of A Snelgrove Board  (Wally Shaw) Defnyddio o Bwrdd Snelgrove Mewn Amryfal Ffyrdd Rhan 1 – Cyflwyniad i L. E. Snelgrove a’i Fwrdd (gan Wally Shaw)
Snelgrove Board Design & Construction (Wally Shaw)
Locally Adapted Bees  (Wally Shaw)
Insulated cover boards (Wally Shaw) Cloriau wediu Hynysu (gan Wally Shaw)
Simple Hive Record Card
Honey Bee Disease

It’s important for all beekeepers to be familiar with the appearance of healthy worker brood, in order to recognise abnormalities which may indicate the presence of disease. This booklet from the WBKA covers the main disease symptoms, with descriptions and pictures:

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Clefydau Gwenyn Mêl (gan Wally Shaw)

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