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We have a selection of videos covering a number of subjects. Content is regularly updated so please check back soon.

WBKA Convention

Swarm Control Introduction (Wally Shaw)

Swarm Control Part 1 (Wally Shaw) Comb Managment

Swarm Control Part 2 (Wally Shaw) Box Managment

Swarm Control Part 3 (Wally Shaw) Brood Relocation

Swarm Control Part 4 (Wally Shaw) Splitting The Hive (The Big Hammer)

Importance of Pollinator Diversity (The National Honey Show 2016) by Brigit Strawbridge

Bees in Winter (The National Honey Show 2015) by Ben Harden

First Winter Loss 2017 – Honeybees Starved, Probably! Beekeeping Basics by Stewart The Norfolk Honey Co.

Warré Hive, Book, Plans and Video by Dr. David Heaf How to build a Warré beehive at low cost.

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