Hive Locator

Beekeepers are always on the lookout for suitable sites to place their hives; Would you like to help?
You can add your plot into our system and when a beekeeper in your area is looking for a new site they can get in touch.

Are you a beekeeper looking for plots in your area? Why not create a request so if someone in your area is interested in having a hive on their land they can let you know.

The WBKA Hive Locator was originally developed for user from within Wales, but has grown to cover the whole of Britain, so please feel free to add your location wherever you may live in the UK.

To make use of this service simply complete the form on the right, giving as much information as you think necessary, and click 'Register' you will then be sent an email asking you to confirm your listing. Once active your site will be available in our search results for anyone looking in your area, you will also be notified by email whenever another user creates a listing in your area.

If you're looking for a site you can use the search form above to check for possible listings in your chosen area.

Please ensure you enter the details correctly as unrecognised postcodes won't be available in search results.

The Hive Locator service is offered free of charge by the Welsh Beekeepers Association (Wbka) and is intended to bring together groups with an interest in beekeeping.

The Wbka takes no responsibility as to the validity of listings placed and recommend that users replying to an offer use their own judgment on its sincerity.