Higher Assessment

Module exam dates & fees 2019

 Modules – £30 each

 Entries for exam on 23 March close on 10 February 

Entries for exam on 9 November close on 30 September

Module 1 Honey bee Management (BBKA pdf)

Module 2 Honey bee Products and Forage (BBKA pdf)

Module 3 Honey bee Pests, Diseases and Poisoning (BBKA pdf)

Module 5 Honey bee Biology (BBKA pdf)

Module 6 Honey bee Behaviour  (BBKA pdf)

Module 7 Selection & Breeding of Honey bees (BBKA pdf)

Module 8 Honey bee Management, Health and History (BBKA pdf)

Please visit the BBKA website for module syllabi, Basic Husbandry, Advanced Husbandry and microscopy exams and assessment syllabi.

(including dates & fees).
(Including: Bee Health, Bee Breeding and Microscopy Certificate, and General and Advaced Husbandry.)
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