Bee Craft Hangouts

Taken from the Beecraft website:

‘Bee Craft will be holding informal webinars using a set provided by Google known as a Google Hangout. Each month we will be hosting a Hangout to discuss a different aspect of beekeeping – hopefully relevant to the time of year – to which you can submit your questions and we will be able to answer them live on air.

We mentioned the word “live” just then because that’s exactly the point, they will be streamed live so you can watch them there and then.’

Previous Hangouts include:

How to spot and treat Nosema and Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus.

Beekeeping; Swarm Control…….what you need to know

Natural Beekeeping and a bit about forage

The Swarming Season is Upon Us

Have a look at: for more information and details on how to take part.