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Please refer to wbka Team list below.


President Tony Shaw – Officer
Vice President Fred Eckton BEM – Officer  
Chairperson John Bowles – Trustee
Vice-chairperson Lesley Williams – Trustee
Treasurer Graham Wheeler – Trustee
WBKA Accounts – Independent Examiner Tim Hall  
Editor Nigel Dailey – Officer
Education Caroline Mullinex -Officer
Education Rachel Kellaway – Officer
Events Secretary Jill Wheeler – Officer
General Secretary Vacant  
Health & Safety John Pilgrim – Officer h&
Insurance John Bowles – Trustee
Press & Publicity Officer Angharad Westmore – Officer
Learning & Development Peter Elvis  – Trustee l&
Membership David Kennedy- Officer
Minutes Secretary Jill Hill- Officer
Technical Officer Wally Shaw- Officer  
Webmaster Nigel Dailey- Officer
Webcontent Manager Nigel Dailey- Officer
Welsh language sub editor Elin Meek – Officer  
Coloss Representative Garth Evans- Officer
  Christopher Clarke  – Trustee  
  Keith Davies – Trustee  
  Gordon Lumby – Trustee  

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