Beekeeping Events in Wales 2018


WBKA is a support organisation for Welsh Beekeepers.

Member Association Events Listing for 2018

Anglesey BKA 2nd May  Wax Recovery a practical workshop
Teifiside BKA 12th May Teifiside BKA Auction 
Lamperter and District BKA 13th May Beginners' Course – 3rd Class: The Beekeeper's Year 
South Clwyd BKA 14th May “Preparing for a honey show – how to win prizes” Speaker John Goodwin
Flint and District BKA 19th May Joyce Nesbit, "Cut Comb, Sections and Chunk Honey" – Workshop
Lamperter and District BKA 20th May Beginners' Course – 4th Class: Swarming 
Lamperter and District BKA 3rd June Beginners' Course – 5th Class: Things That Can Go Wrong 
South Clwyd BKA 11th June “The hive as a processing centre” Speaker Pete Sutcliffe
Flint and District BKA 16th Jube Caroline Mullinex, "The Beekeeping Education
South Clwyd BKA 30th June  Bee disease drop in workshop run by the NBU Regional Bee Inspector

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