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UK beekeepers, along with members of the public are urged to report any suspected sightings. Our best defence against the Asian hornet is to quickly detect any arrivals and prevent them from establishing a foot hold in the UK.

Reported sightings 2019
3rd July New Milton, Hampshire A female Asian hornet individual sighting reported.
6th September Tamworth, Staffordshire A single nest located and destroyed.
9th September Ashford, Kent A single hornet was captured.
4th & 11th October Christchurch, Dorset Two nests located and destroyedon individual days.
Reported sightings 2018
6th September Fowey, Cornwall An Asian Hornet trapped by a local beekeeper, enabled a nest to be located and destroyed
7th September Liskeard, Cornwall A single drone reported by a beekeeper caught in a trap.
9th September Hull, Yorkshire A single dead hornet was found.
20th September Fowey, Cornwall A second nest destroyed near to that located on the 6th Sept, above.
24th September New Alresford, Hampshire A member of the public reported seeing Asian Hornets foraging in his garden. Nest located and destroyed.
26th September Beaulieu, Hampshire A member of the public reported to a beekeeper that Asian hornets feeding on apples. Nest located and destroyed.
26th September Guildford, Surrey A dead hornet was discovered within a new car at a car dealership.
Dungeness, Kent Two Asian Hornets found foraging on ivy, one in a garden and the other at the RSPB reserve nearby

Reported sightings 2017

Woolacombe, North Devon A beekeeper reported sighting of Asian Hornet, nest located and destroyed

Reported sightings 2016

Tetbury, Gloucestershire Sighting of Asian Hornet, nest located and destroyed

Reference: National Bee Base Annual Reports for Wales produced by Frank Gellatly 2016-19.

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