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Welcome to the Welsh Beekeepers’ Association (WBKA) website, we hope you find your visit enjoyable and informative.

We are the Welsh Beekeeping Association to which the nineteen local Associations within Wales are affiliated, the WBKA represent Welsh beekeepers nationally within Wales and the UK and internationally.


Individual (Direct) Membership of the WBKA is possible, normally for orginisations, institutions and business, but most of the 1,650 membership are indirect members, in that they belong to one of the nineteen local independent beekeeping associations. An Application Form to become a member of the WBKA may be downloaded from the 'Information Station'. You can locate and find out more about your local association here .

A proportion of the fee paid by a member of an association goes towards the operating costs of the WBKA and also to providing third party and product liability insurance negotiated by the WBKA on behalf of its members.

WBKA Language Statement
Wales is a bilingual nation where the presence of both languages can be seen and heard and are the subject  of  pride  and  strength  to  all. WBKA  wishes  to  promote  bilingualism  where  possible  and practicable.

Hive Locator

 Beekeepers are always on the lookout for suitable sites to place their hives; Would you like to help?
You can add your plot into our system and when a beekeeper in your area is looking for a new site they can get in touch.

Are you a beekeeper looking for plots in your area? Why not create a request so if someone in your area is interested in having a hive on their land they can let you know.

The WBKA Hive Locator was originally developed for user from within Wales, but has grown to cover the whole of Britain, so please feel free to add your location wherever you may live in the UK.

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