24 – 27 July / Gorffennaf 2017

Schedules available from:

Mrs Bethan Davies

RWAS Ltd.,

Llanelwedd, Builth Wells,

Powys, LD2 3SY.

Tel: 01982 554411 Fax: 01982 553563

Email: bethan@rwas.co.uk

Ceisiadau Olaf / Entries close:

1 Mehefin / June 2017

Exhibitors may offer honey for sale in accordance with the regulations printed in the schedule.

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Beekeepers are invited to join members of the Bee Craft team

in their Hangout

On Tuesday 13th June at 8.00pm all beekeepers are invited to join members of the Bee Craft team on our Hangout. 

We will be pleased to introduce our new host, or should I say, hostess, Clair Harwood, so please log in and give her a warm beekeepers welcome. 

We will be covering re-queening, swarming/prevention and anything else you would like. 

Simply click on this link, or go to our website, www.bee-craft.com and click on the hangout/webinar tab and follow the instructions.

As a reminder we have a direct link from our website from the Learn drop down menu.

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National Bee Unit Wales : Beekeeper Advice Surgeries in 2017

The NBU team will be getting out and about to local association venues this year and offering new, more tailored support sessions to local beekeepers. The Beekeeper Advice Surgeries in Wales will follow a slightly different format from the familiar workshops in order to offer greater variety and flexibility for busy beekeepers …….

Interested – Read More

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Latest press release from the International Bee Research Association

Providing information on bee science

New Special Issue of Bee World on the “superorganism”

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Welsh Beekeepers’ Association
Convention 2017

Saturday 25th March

Speakers' Photographs

Traders' Stall Photographs

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Europe poised for total ban on

Bee-harming pesticides

Exclusive: Draft regulations seen by the Guardian reveal the European commission wants to prohibit the insecticides that cause ‘acute risks to bees

To read more on Damian Carrington article from theGardian online Thursday 23 March 2017

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Beekeeping with local bees – Welsh Conference

Cywain Bee – CAT Machynlleth 23rd Feb. 2017

These notes were originally written for members of Lleyn & Eifionydd BKA and other beekeeping friends who were unable to attend the Welsh Conference – ‘Beekeeping with local bees’, 23rd Feb. 2017. It has been suggested to us that they may be of interest to other beekeepers unable to attend. The notes are intended to be read in conjunction with the ‘Speaker Biographies’ that were provided at the Conference.

To read more see Latest News

Latest Academic Studies

A pan-European epidemiological study reveals honey bee colony survival depends on beekeeper education and disease control.

by Antoine Jacques, Marion Laurent, EPILOBEE Consortium, Magali Ribière-Chabert, Mathilde Saussac, Stéphanie Bougeard, Giles E. Budge, Pascal Hendrikx, Marie-Pierre Chauzat.  

Read more on the Latest Academic Bee Studies page

A motion was passed at the WBKA Council Meeting on the 4th March 2017 at the Elan Valley Hotel by the Member Associations present,  who voted unaminously to make the Welsh BeeKeeping Magazine Open Access.

The WBKA Web Team is presently undertaking the task to make all present and past WBK magazine available online via this website. If the issue is not presently available, please come back and

WBKA Language Statement
Wales is a bilingual nation where the presence of both languages can be seen and heard and are the subject  of  pride  and  strength  to  all. WBKA  wishes  to  promote  bilingualism  where  possible  and practicable.


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