Welcome to the Welsh Beekeepers’ Association (WBKA) website, we hope you find your visit enjoyable and informative.

We are the Welsh National Beekeeping Association to which the nineteen local Associations within Wales are affiliated. You could, perhaps, see us as a honey bee, the head being the voice of beekeeping in Wales, the thorax being the hub of information and the abdomen the catalyst for action.

Individual (Direct) Membership of the WBKA is possible, but most of the 1,650 membership are indirect members, in that they belong to one of the nineteen local independent beekeeping associations. An Application Form to become a member of the WBKA may be downloaded from the 'Information Station'. You can locate and find out more about your local association here .

A proportion of the fee paid by a member of an association goes towards the operating costs of the WBKA and also to providing third party and product liability insurance negotiated by the WBKA on behalf of its members.

Convention 2015 Promotion

Not sure if you're visiting the convention this year? Take a look at our Promotional Video and see what goes on.   If you need a free media player have a look here There are other media players, this one is Windows Media Player

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Spring Convention 2015

If you would like to take advantage of the ‘Early Bird Advance Payment’ discount of 25% then please fill in this form and return it with your payment to the Convention Secretary at the address below, to arrive by the 21st March.

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Your WBKA needs you

Due to recent changes in the structure of the WBKA we are looking for capable candidates to take on some of the central rolls within the association: Can you help?   The post we are looking to fill is that of General Secretary, if you feel you could help please read on:         WBKA General Secretary. […]

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2015 Dates for your diary

A list of some dates you may need to put in your diary. If you have a date for an event you think other should know about please drop us a line at webmaster@wbka.com   Click 'Read More' for our current list. Saturday March 7th , Bee Trade Ex – Stoneleigh Saturday 28th March, WBKA Convention […]

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Hive Locator

It seems that most days we hear a new tale of woe concerning the poor honeybee. We hear of mite attacks, diseases and colony collapse, but local beekeepers are helping the bees fight back. Through the management of bee colonies, treatment of disease and maintenance of the beehives, colony numbers are steadily increasing. A new […]

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Natural Resource Management Bulletin

The WBKA has acquired an insurance policy that offers insurance cover to officers, individual members,¬†affiliated associations and their members. As a member of the WBKA you are provided with insuran…

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